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The mission of NDNTA is to protect, promote, preserve, and educate the world about the culture, history and environment of our sovereign nations.  NDNTA will promote and educate through sustainable tourism while developing economic opportunities for our people and nations.



The North Dakota Native Tourism Alliance is a nonprofit that works across the five tribal nations of North Dakota to implement a strategy for North Dakota Indian Country to build tourism capacity, advocate for infrastructure, conduct collective marketing and facilitate the development of cultural tourism enterprises. We build partnerships with federal and state agencies, NGOs and educational institutions to prioritize tourism as an economic development strategy for our tribes. Through these efforts, we hope to educate North Dakota communities and visitors alike about our diverse histories and traditions through cultural tourism.



Read about the four strategic pillars that make up our long-term plan.  With the support of our advisory committee and partners, NDNTA is making progress towards these objectives while laying the foundation for a sustainable organization.


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